Little thing called “love”

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  1. Sola : Wife
  2. Han :  Husband
  3. Muke : Boy friend
  4. Boatman

Every full moon day represents a peaceful mind and a happy mood. But, everyday full moon doesn’t reflect the same aura. This story also reflects the same hypocrisy and the refraction of characters. The story begins, there was a very happy couple twisted with ideology and a complex love. The character Sola and Han are very lovely couple look perfect and beautiful. Specially, Sola was so graceful and charming. Her beauty was an example for all the women and her personality adds more on it.

The family seemed to be in a better rhythm but it has been few days this couple has experienced some problems in a form of a dispute. The dispute was on a necklace, which was so beautiful and expensive, displayed in the jewelry shop of the city. Han, a doctor by profession finds it very hard to buy for her because it was expensive. He found himself in a side of guilty that he could not fulfill her dream.

Here comes the day, Han was back from the hospital, it was already one month, the day Sola demanded that necklace. Han was so excited to meet Sola; it was not the regular day. It was a very special day for Han and Han was with his delighted heart. It was the day to make his wife happy, the day to bring the world to her in the form of the necklace. Yes! Han brought the necklace. When Han entered the room, there was no one, a piece of paper waving in the air from the window. He took that paper and read it, and a big swing began. The biggest swing of his life. The happiest moment of life suddenly transformed to the saddest one. Sola was out, out forever. Han screamed and cried in agony, “My love, I had nothing in life, except you. Sola my love, I am a looser…” 

He was in dark and feels like hell is dragging him in the darkest corner of the universe. “Lord Give me a death… Oh lord!”         

 Big Pause!!!

Time passes; it has already been 4 years. Han was in a rural village, a beautiful, flavored with white lovely snowy mountains, soft and delicate. Han was having a cup of coffee on the terrace. A woman screaming in pain called “Doctor! Doctor! “My husband got very sick, please help me! Han could not recognize a woman, it was so foggy and she was in a distant place. As Han was a good gentleman, he didn’t hesitate and calculate anything, just packed his medical instruments and followed that woman sharply. They went quickly to the patient and Han very focused to his responsibility, started his job quickly. The patient was infected badly and got very little chance to be healed.

Han again could barely see her face holding behind the inner door, replied: “your husband got infected and it’s known communicable disease and won’t last long”. The lady screamed and cried in agony. Han was speechless and didn’t have any option except leaving the room. On the way he was leaving the room, unfortunately, he dropped the necklace which he was carrying from the past 4 years. 

The very next morning the same lady stood beside the electric pole glared continuously at Han, who was in the same place having a cup of coffee. Han recognized that the women was in trauma and needed his help. Han went close and looked at the hand opened with the necklace. Han was so happy and went very closer to thank her but situation was so cunning yet breathtaking. Han saw Sola, the same women. The infected man was no one, but the Muke, the boyfriend Sola used to have when she was in marital status with Han. 

Han was so happy and hugged her tight and started kissing everywhere. Sola cried, cried and cried. She was so embarrassed and felt guilty that the only reason to leave Han was the necklace, the only reason to be in the affair was the necklace and only reason to go for transformational betrayal was the necklace.

Sola starts loving Han and felt so guilty and promised him that she won’t be leaving Han in her lifetime and in many incarnations.

All look good now, emotionally divorced couple, now together and happy. After 5 days, they decided to leave the heart melting village and want to go back to their own different world. They packed their bags, went close to the bank of the huge river with a nice boat. The process begun, the boatman was ready. Han put Sola first in the boat and simultaneously paid the charge to the boatman with a big push to the boat. Sola was shocked, Han was still in the bay. Han screamed with a loud voice and said “taste the agonies of betrayal my heart,” I’m sorry, I love you very much, but I’m helpless”. Sola was expressionless, stayed motionless for long.

Han went back to the village and met Muke and explained the entire story. Han started curing the disease and healed it. In fact, it was curable… Han knew that, from the beginning….