Earth’s Dilemma

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I am here and I’m speechless,

Every single living flesh is cruel and in blush;

Small chunk, equipped with ego, anger, faked and heartless,

My son, my daughter blooded, hungry and in lush,

Asked me in agony! Mom, do I have right to be happy?


I answer softly; every beginning has an end,

Every cruelty signifies brutality;

How would be I, without the ups, downs and catastrophic amend?

Son! You got right to be happy, do what? I’m locked by neutrality.

Even, I should ask you all, do I have right to be happy?


Zero incarnate me to live long,

I fertilize everyone to disgrace the Pandora’s Box;

I made all to be happy like a sweet soft song,

How hard I try, fragmentation blushing and worthless ego drag hell out of ox.

Actually, we all are naturalized to be happy, but are we?