Why Saipal School ?

One of the best USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) or distinguishing features of the school is that every child is encouraged to grow in a healthy manner. The best part of the school lies in the fact that each student is encouraged to sharpen his/her inner talents and not just focus on scoring higher grades. What matters is not the grades rather the aptitude and the attitude to excel in what one does best.

At Saipal we simply provide a platform to explore oneself and identity his/her core competence to capitalize on it. This is facilitated by the same sized classrooms, close and intimate relationship between teachers and students and sufficient space to participate.

Secondary School

Saipal School wing runs from grade Playgroup to Grade 10. It emphasizes student centered interactive way of learning. In order to strengthen their own learning, students carry out classroom activities and project works. They include: experimenting, reading from journals, books, newspapers, presentations, feedback, group sharing and pair works.

At Saipal each child is equipped with Confidence, Self-respect, dynamism, and ultimately these values prepare him/her for real life situations while making him/her able to contribute to the overall development of the country.