Saipal is a time-tested and Nepal’s premier learning institution which was established in the year 2002. Its commitment to excellence ensures quality education for life. Saipal is known for its student-centred learning, a distinction that has made it one of the most sought after institutions in Kathmandu.

At Saipal, every individual student can explore and experience all aspects of life. Each child is equipped with confidence, self-respect, and dynamism.  Ultimately, these qualities prepare children for real-life challenges and make them capable to contribute to the overall development of the nation. Highly competent faculties, top-notch infrastructure and facilities and super learning environment combine to establish Saipal as a leading educational institution of Nepal.

Vision & mission


The vision of the institution is to establish itself as a Model Educational Centre that enhances the capacity of individuals for living and contributes to the nation’s overall development.


Saipal promotes a world-class learning opportunity to each individual and encourages one and all to explore their inherent potentiality to become competent citizen globally. It facilitates an environment where each individual feels special and think out of the box to stand up for tomorrow’s challenges.

Saipals’ Guiding principles

  • We believe in the lifelong learning process.
  • We believe that each individual is unique and has a different style of learning.
  • We believe in honesty at work.
  • We believe in respect for self and others.
  • We believe that each individual must care for resources.
  • We believe in constructive competition among each individual and cooperation with others that benefits all
  • We believe that one should always instil questioning spirit.


Ganesh Joshi

Mr. Ganesh Joshi


It still smells good to me. In the pool of hyprocrisy, hegemony, and delusion, I again want to be a child and feel the innocence that brings the very smile in the face of teachers and parent. Yes ! We want the same innocence and sweet smile again to nurture the academic environment of Saipal Academy. A child hardly lies and betrays ones’ family and friends, so do we. We believe in hard working, dedication and sincerity, and we expect same from our students. Moreover, we not only care our students with huge potentials but with great dedication. As we know every child is so special and unique, hence we are committed to care what students deserve. Yes ! The three bags full for me are; the idea of triangular relationship between parents, management and students; the motive of dedication to enhance the academic foundation; and the outstanding platform for the personal development. It means, we believe in paternalistic style of leadership, how harsh the situation is we will be always together. At Saipal, students will always get the flavor of home where they will not be alone. At last, I will welcome all the parents and potential students to join the alliance and feel the world of difference…

Your Future Starts Here.